The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics


The 41st West Coast Conference on Formal Linguistics (WCCFL 41) was held at the University of California, Santa Cruz on May 5-7, 2023. The following members of our community presented at the conference:

  • Haoming Li (1st year), Zhouyi Sun (1st year): Mandarin Clausal Comparatives Involve Standard Embedding
  • Giovanni Roversi (3rd year): Adjectival “concord” in North Sámi is not concord (and it’s two different phenomena)
  • Janek Guerrini (visiting student): Kind predication, flavors of genericity, and cumulativity

A number of alums-friends also gave talks and posters:

  • Michela Ippolito (PhD, 2002), Angelika Kiss, Will Williams: Discourse only
  • Michela Ippolito (PhD, 2002), Zahra Mirrazi: Modal Past is Past: Evidence from non-SOT langauges
  • Seth Cable (PhD, 2007), James Crippen: Stative marking in Tlingit: Evidence from the complexity of states
  • Andrew Hedding, Michelle Yuan (PhD, 2018): Phase unlocking and the derivation of verb-initiality in San Martin Peras Mixtex
  • Ken Hiraiwa (PhD, 2005), Kimiko Nakanishi: Disjunction as question: Disjunction is not a PPI in Japanese
  • Ivona Kučerová (PhD 2007) and Alan Munn: Beyond ϕ-features: Are we there yet? Agree reconsidered
  • Colin Davis (PhD, 2020): Anti-locality explains the restricted interaction of subjects and parasitic gaps
  • Colin Davis (PhD, 2020), David Diem: Doubling by movement within and from PP in Alemannic German 
  • Yağmur Sağ, Ömer Demirok (PhD 2019), Muhammet Bal: Subject pseudo-incorporation in Laz
  • Abdul-Razak Sulemana (PhD, 2021): Passive without morphology: a case for implicit arguments