The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Industry workshop (10/26) - Sarah Clark

Who: Sarah Clark
when: 2pm
where: virtual talk (contact Hadas for zoom link)
what: I completed my masters in linguistics in 2019 at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. At the moment, I am working toward my doctorate in linguistics at UIUC. I specialize in sociolinguistics, specifically critical discourse analysis, the interplay of ideology and identity, organizational communication, and military and veteran identity. I have been working during my whole program for the US Army Corps of Engineers’ Construction Engineering Research Laboratory. My duty title is Strategic Communications Officer and I lead all internal organizational communication to support and grow our multi-million dollar portfolio. In other words, I help engineers talk to each other and non-engineers in order to do the mission. Working outside of academia is by far the gold standard for linguists in my opinion – we are linguists who are creative, resilient and have the honor of bringing the power of linguistics to the real world!