The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT Linguistics @ BUCLD 45

BUCLD 45 was also held virtually last week at Boston University. Many of our students, faculty, and staff members gave presentations:

  • Athulya Aravind (Faculty) and Martin Hackl (Faculty): Maximize Presupposition! in development
  • Cindy Torma (Acquisition Lab Manager), Gabor Brody, Athulya Aravind (Faculty): Decomposing both
  • Daniel Goodhue, Jad Wehbe (1st year), Valentine Hacquard (PhD 2006), Jeffrey Lidz: Preschoolers’ comprehension of the interaction of intonation and illocutionary force
  • Martin Hackl (Faculty), Ella Apostoaie, Leo Rosenstein (Linguistics Lab Manager): Acquisition of numerals, the natural numbers, and amount comparatives
  • Fulang Chen (4th year), Leo Rosenstein (Linguistics Lab Manager), Martin Hackl (Faculty): Quantifier-spreading under negation

Our alums also presented:

  • Hisao Kurokami, Jeffrey Lidz, Valentine Hacquard (PhD 2006), Daniel Goodhue: Children’s interpretation of additive particles mo ‘also’ and also in Japanese and English
  • Valentine Hacquard (PhD 2006), Yu’an Yang, Jeffrey Lidz: Acquisition of belief reports by Mandarin speaking children
  • Despina Oikonomou (PhD 2016), Elena Anagnostopoulou; Vina Tsakali: The development of DATIVE arguments: Evidence from Modern Greek clitics