The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

IAP Mini-Course on Statistics, 1/20-1/24

Second-year grad student Anthony Brohan will be teaching a five-day mini-course on statistical methods next week.

We will meet from 10-1PM at 56-167 from the 20th to the 24th. Below is a rough outline of the topics I plan on covering each day. The first half of every lecture I will cover some statistical concepts, and on the second half of the lecture will be focusing on hands-on R skills.

Day 1
Distribution tests; Tests for the mean; t-tests (paired and unpaired); Are the means the same?; Are the variances the same?; Linear regression; Interpreting p-values

Day 2
Non-parametric tests; Chi-square; Fischer’s exact test; Transformation and regression

Day 3
Handling Discrimination and Reaction time data; ANOVA

Day 4
Generalized Linear Models (building, interpreting and evaluating models)

Day 5
Linear mixed effects models

Along the way R skills will emphasize on data exploration, scripting and plotting, as well as implementing these tests. We’ll be using Baayen’s textbook as well as some materials from Jaeger’s lab about the use of mixed-effects models.