The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT @ SuB27!

MIT had a huge turnout at Sinn und Bedeutung 27 in Prague, 14-16 September 2022! 

Current students:

+ Lorenzo Pinton (with Maria Aloni): Sluicing and Free Choice
+ Adèle Hénot-Mortier: A dynamic alternative-pruning account of asymmetries in Hurford disjunctions
+ Ido Benbaji: (with Omri) Adversative only is only only; (with Yash and Filipe) The Logic of Hindi Co-compounds
+ Enrico Flor: Questions in non-distributive belief ascriptions
+ Jad Wehbe: Against the lexical view of cumulative inferences and homogeneity
+ Omri Doron: (with Ido) Adversative only is only only
+ Anastasia Tsilia (poster): “Quasi-ECM” constructions in Modern Greek: Evidence for semantic lowering


+ Itai Bassi: Strict readings of logophors and the LF of anaphoric dependencies (with others) 
+ Jonathan Bobaljik: (with Uli Sauerland) About ‘us’
+ Uli Sauerland (invited): An Algebra of Thought that Predicts Key Aspects of Language Structure; (with Jonathan Bobaljik) About ‘us’
+ Pritty Patel-Grosz (invited): The search for universal primate gestural meanings
+ Yasutada Sudo: Against simplification: free choice with anaphora
+ Sam Alxatib: Necessary Free Choice and its theoretical significance

Presenting but not in the picture:

+ İsa Kerem Bayırlı (alumnus): UM2: A Generalization over Determiner Denotations
+ Yash Sinha (with Ido and Filipe): The Logic of Hindi Co-compounds
+ Filipe Hisao Kobayashi (with Ido and Yash): The Logic of Hindi Co-compounds