The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Industry workshop 9/28 - Andy Zhang

Who: Dr. Andy Zhang (Analytical Linguist at Google, virtual talk)
When: Wednesday 9/28 2-2:45
Where: 5-231 or on zoom (contact Hadas Kotek for the link)
What: Andy is a linguist(/data scientist/PM) at Google. His team works on designing and building machine learning systems that protect kids’ safety on Google surfaces across the internet. Andy’s particular domain is designing ML systems for enhancing the safety of ads that serve in Search for underage users. Andy completed his PhD in linguistics at Yale in 2021, where his work focused on how the ways in which we are different (domain-general dimensions of individual-level cognitive variability) influence and constrain (a) the ways in which we use language (real-time comprehension, lexical semantics) and (b) the ways in which languages change over time (diachronic semantics, grammaticalization pathways). 
Andy writes: “I’m looking forward to sharing about my journey into tech and hopefully helping you out on yours!”