The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

24.942 Topics in the Grammar of a Less Familiar Language: Kaqchikel

Instructors: Jessica Coon & Michael Kenstowicz
Time: Monday 2-5
Place: 32-D461

24.942 will meet Mondays from 2:00-5:00 in the 4th floor seminar room, except for the first class, which will meet on Friday 2/4 from 9am-12pm (no class on Monday 2/7). If you are interested in attending the class, but are not registered, please email Jessica Coon and Michael Kenstowicz so they can update you about the classroom for the first day.

Ana López de Mateo will join the department this semester as a consultant for 24.942. Ana is originally from Patzún, Guatemala, and is a native speaker of Kaqchikel, a Mayan language of the K’ichean branch. Ana has worked with the Peace Corps, as an elementary school teacher, and is currently teaching in the Spanish department at Harvard.