The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT at the LSA

MIT had a strong presence at this year’s LSA meeting, held in Pittsburgh, January 6-9. The following faculty, students, and recent graduates gave presentations:

  • Bronwyn Bjorkman: The syntax of inverted conditional antecedents
  • Jessica Coon (Harvard): Prepositions and the perfective: Deriving aspect-based split ergativity
  • Jessica Coon and Omer Preminger: Transitivity in Chol: A new argument for the Split VP Hypothesis
  • Kai von Fintel (with David Beaver): Semantics and pragmatics: The creation of an open access journal
  • Suzanne Flynn (with Janet Cohen Sherman, Alex Immerman, Barbara Lust, James Gair, Jordan Whitlock, and Diane Rak): Language in aging and dementia: A pilot study
  • Gillian Gallagher (NYU): Auditory features: the case from laryngeal cooccurrence restrictions
  • Peter Graff (with Max Bane and Morgan Sonderegger): Phonetic convergence among reality television contestants
  • Peter Graff (with Gregory Scontras and Noah D. Goodman): Plural comparison and collective predication
  • Peter Graff (with Jeffrey Lim and Sophie Monahan): The determiner complexity hierarchy
  • Jonah Katz (Centre national de la recherche scientifique): English duration patterns mirror perceptual asymmetries
  • Giorgio Magri (École Normale Supérieure): Towards a non-universal approach to the problem of the acquisition of phonotactics in Optimality Theory
  • Tara McAllister (Montclair State University): Patterns of gestural overlap account for positional fricative neutralization in child phonology
  • Pritty Patel: Binding conditions and alienable vs. inalienable possession
  • Kirill Shklovsky: Tseltal unnegatives