The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Issue of Monday, November 23rd, 2015

MIT/Harvard fieldwork support group

The next meeting of the MIT/Harvard fieldwork support group will take place on Monday, Nov. 23, 6-7pm. Note that this meeting will be at Harvard, in Boylston 303. Masha Polinsky (Harvard) will give a talk on fieldwork methodology and tools.

If you are interested in attending, please email either Michelle (yuanm@mit.edu) or TC (tcchen@mit.edu) to RSVP if you have not done so already!


The Southern New England Workshop in Semantics (SNEWS) is an annual graduate student conference that brings together presenters from six universities: Harvard, MIT, Brown, Yale, University of Massachusetts at Amherst and University of Connecticut. This year, SNEWS took place at Harvard. The following MIT grad students gave talks:

  • Naomi Francis(second year): A curious pattern in future-oriented if only conditionals
  • Aurore González & Sophie Moracchini (third year): Morphologically complex expressions: analyzing le moindre as superlative + even
  • Daniel Margulis (second year): Expletive negation and temporal alternatives in until-clauses
  • Paul Marty (fifth year): Syntactic Manner: the case of strong crossover effects

Phonology Circle 11/23 - Mingqiong (Joan) Luo

Speaker: Mingqiong (Joan) Luo (Shanghai International Studies University)
Title: Opacity in Standard Chinese Nasal Rhymes – Phonology and Phonetics
Date: Monday, November 23rd
Time: 5-6:30
Place: 32D-831

(Click here for abstract)

Interview with Michel DeGraff

A three-part interview with Michel DeGraff was published in Woy Magazine.