The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics


Virtual CUNY sentence processing conference at UMass was hosted on 3/19 – 3/21, in the form of a Zoom webinar: https://blogs.umass.edu/cuny2020/ 
Sherry Yong Chen (3rd year), Filipe Hisao Kobayashi (3rd year), Loes Koring (Postdoctoral Associate 2016; now at Macquarie University), Cory Bill (Universität Konstanz), Leo Rosenstein (MIT) and Martin Hackl (MIT) presented a poster Comprehension of conjunction by English-speaking adults and childrenhttps://osf.io/dwktq/
Sherry Yong Chen (3rd year) and E. Matthew Husband (Language and Brain Lab, University of Oxford) presented a poster Illusory licensing from inaccessible antecedents in presuppositional dependencyhttps://osf.io/fmxe4/
Sherry Yong Chen (3rd year) and Bob van Tiel (ZAS) presented a poster “Every horse didn’t jump over the fence”: Scope ambiguity via pragmatic reasoninghttps://osf.io/4pwcu/