The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

GLOW and CLS 2015

Congratulations to the students who have been accepted to give talks or present posters at GLOW 38 and CLS 51 in April!


  • Third year student Lilla Magyar: The role of universal markedness in Hungarian gemination processes
  • Third year student Chris O’Brien: How to get off an island
  • Third year student Juliet Stanton: The learnability filter and its role in the comparison of metrical theories (accepted for the phonology workshop, titled ”The implications of Computation and Learnability for Phonological Theory”)
  • Third year student Benjamin Storme: Aspectual distinctions in the present tense in Romance and cross-linguistically


  • Third year students Juliet Stanton and Sam Zukoff: Prosodic effects of segmental correspondence
  • Second year student Michelle Yuan: Case competition and case domains: Evidence from Yimas

Two recent alumni, now at McGill, will also give talks at these conferences:

  • Hadas Kotek (PhD 2014) will give a talk at GLOW: Intervention everywhere!
  • Hadas Kotek (PhD 2014) and Mitcho Erlewine (PhD 2014) will give a joint talk at CLS: Relative pronoun pied-piping, the structure of which informs the analysis of relative clauses