The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Lectures by Emmanuel Chemla

Emmanuel Chemla (CNRS) will be giving a series of four lectures starting this Friday:

  • Friday 11/14; 3-6PM; 32D-461
  • Tuesday 11/18 5-8PM; room to be announced (check this page)
  • Wednesday 11/19; 3-6PM; 32D-461
  • Tuesday 11/25; 5-8PM; room to be announced (check this page)

Below is the abstract and information for the lectures:

We will ask how simple psycholinguistic methods can be relevant for the study of various questions in linguistic theory. We will start by discussing the case of scalar implicatures, where many illustrations can be found, both in terms of questions and methods, without a perfect alignement between the two, however. We will quickly move to other topics including questions, scopal relations, cumulative/distributive readings of plurals. The methods we will discuss include truth value and acceptability judgments, basic “priming” studies and response time studies. The hope is to demonstrate that these methods are useful and simple to deploy.