The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT linguists in Manchester

MIT will be well represented at the 21st Manchester Phonology Meeting this week (May 23-25), with a number of current students and faculty, as well as recent alums, presenting talks and posters.

    • Michelle Fullwood: The perceptual dimensions of sonority-driven epenthesis
    • Juliet Stanton: Positional restrictions on prenasalized consonants: a perceptual account
    • Adam Albright and Young Ah Do: Biased learning of phonological alternations
    • Maria Giavazzi (PhD, 2010): A rule selection deficit in Huntington’s disease patients: evidence from a morphophonological task
    • Donca Steriade: The cycle without containment: Romanian perfects
    • Andrew Nevins (PhD, 2004): Restrictive theories of harmony (invited talk)
    • Giorgio Magri (PhD, 2009): The stochastic error-driven ranking model of child variation (poster)