The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Saturday Workshop on Scalar Implicatures

Next Saturday, May 12, MIT Linguistics will host a special one-day workshop on Cross-Discplinary Perspectives on Scalar Implicatures.. The workshop brings together researchers across a variety of disciplines to discuss linguistic, computational, and psycholinguistic aspects of scalar implicatures.  All are welcome – but bring your own scales!

Schedule (Visit the website for abstracts):
8:30-9a Breakfast/Welcome (32-D461)

9-10a Gennaro Chierchia (Harvard University): Three –ities: Unity of Scalarity and Polarity.
10-11a Roni Katzir (Tel Aviv University): A note on implicatures and focus
11a-12p Gerhard Jäger (University of Tübingen): Trust is good, strategic thinking is better.

12-1:30p Lunch (8th floor lounge)

1:30-2:30p Noah Goodman (Stanford University): Modeling language understanding as social cognition
2:30-3:30p Richard Breheny (University College London): tba

3:30-4p Coffee Break (32-D461)

4-5p Dave Barner (University of California, San Diego): Grammatical constraints on pragmatic inference (tentative/to be confirmed)
5-6p Jesse Snedeker (Harvard University): Good things come to those who wait

7p Dinner (tbd)