The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

LFRG II 5/10 - Yasutada Sudo

Speaker: Yasutada Sudo
Date/Time: 5/10 (Thu) 10-11:30
Location: 32-D831
Title: Gender Presuppositions and Anaphora in Quantified Sentences


Presupposition projection in quantified sentences has been known as a recalcitrant problem for theories of presupposition projection, and many different accounts have been put forward (Karttunen & Peter 1979, Heim 1983, van der Sandt 1992, Krahmer 1998, Beaver 2001, Beaver & Krahmer 1998, Schlenker 2008, 2009, George 2008, Fox 2008, 2010, Chemla 2009, Sudo, Romoli, Hackl & Fox 2012). I will show that the gender presuppositions of bound pronouns pose a serious challenge to the existing theories of presupposition projection, and propose an analysis that solves the problem using the mechanism of cross-sentential anaphora. I will also claim that my analysis accounts for the different projection properties of different quantificational determiners in a uniform way.