The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

How I spent my summer vacation

This week and next, we feature some news items concerning activities that members of the department participated in over the summer.

  • In June, Patrick Grosz & Pritty Patel-Grosz gave a guest lecture at the University of Vienna, presenting their joint work on pronouns.
  • For the second summer in a row, Omer Preminger taught at the EGG (the Eastern/Central-European summer-school in generative grammar: http://egg.auf.net/). This year, the school was held in Constanta, Romania. Omer taught a topics class called Recent developments in (the theory of) ergativity (which featured, among other things, an extensive discussion of Jessica Coon’s 2010 dissertation!). In addition, he taught the second half of the Intro to Syntax course, the first half of which was taught by Michal Starke (http://michal.auf.net/).

If you have news about events and accomplishments from the past summer, please send them to Whamit! by this Sunday (9/12).