The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Course announcement: 24.946 Linguistic Theory and Japanese Language

24.946, Linguistic Theory and Japanese Language
Instructor: Shigeru Miyagawa
Fall 2010, Tuesdays, 10 -1 (will end by 12:40 for those traveling to Harvard for Jim Huang’s class on Chinese linguistics at 1:15).

We will look at a variety of issues in linguistic theory from the perspective of Japanese with critical comparisons to other languages. Topics include the following:

  • Modularity (causatives, with reference to work on blocking in English, e.g., Embick, Kiparsky)
  • Agreement (with comparison to Basque)
  • Wh-movement (including work on Fukuoka dialect and sign language)
  • Genitive marking on the subject and specification of Phase (comparisons to Turkish, Slavic, and possibly Uyghur)
  • Status of argument structure (ditransitives, with reference to work on nominalization in English, e.g., Kayne, Pesetsky)
  • Optionality (comparision of QR and scrambling)
  • Postposting/Rightward movement (comparisons to Hindi, Turkish, Uyghur)

For reading materials, see the course stellar site: http://stellar.mit.edu/S/course/24/fa10/24.946/