The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics


The 53rd annual meeting of the North East Linguistics Society was held at the University of Göttingen on January 12-14, 2023. Here are the presentations made by current MIT linguists:

  • Ido Benbaji (4th year), Omri Doron (4th year) and Adèle Hénot-Mortier (4th year): Distinguishing levels of morphological derivations in world-embedding models
  • Janek Guerrini (visiting student): Keeping ‘fake’ simple: a similarity-based theory
  • Ido Benbaji (4th year) and David Pesetsky (faculty): E-extension and the Uniformity of Silence
  • Peter Grishin (5th year): How to covertly move: Evidence from Passamaquoddy-Wolastoqey
  • Haoming Li (1st year): The Syntax and Semantics of Asymmetrical ATB Wh-constructions in Mandarin Chinese
  • Zhouyi Sun: Mixed probe, competing for licensing and information-structural neutrality in Shiluk

Other recent alumni who presented their work include:

  • Bronwyn M. Bjorkman (Phd 2011), Elizabeth Cowper, Daniel Currie Hall, Daniel Siddiqi and Isabelle Boyer: Limits on pronominal gender: A semantic account of a morphologicla pattern
  • Carol Rose Little, Scott Anderbois and Jessica Coon (PhD 2010): The iota type-shifter in headless relative clauses: Implications from Mayan 
  • Andrew Nevins (PhD 2005) and Diane Stoianov: Word Order and Differential Object Marking in Three Cohorts of CENA Signers
  • Yağmur Sağ & Ömer Demirok (PhD 2019): Getting even without “even” in Turkish
  • Coppe van Urk (PhD 2015) and Adam Chong: On the preference for nonconcatenative morphology in Dinka
  • Jessica Coon (PhD 2010) and Martina Martinović: Predication, Specification, and Equation in Ch’ol
  • Gaurav Mathur (PhD 2000) and Christian Rathmann: Constraints on interactions between morphological processes and gesture in signed languages 
  • Suzana Fong (PhD 2021): Pronouncing PRO in Wolof
  • Michela Ippolito (PhD 2002): The Hell Bias
  • Aron Hirsch (PhD 2017) and Bernhard Schwarz: Type disambiguation and logical strength