The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Industry workshop (11/16) - Dr Kim Witten

who: Dr Kim Witten
when: 11/16, 2pm
where: virtual talk (contact Hadas for zoom link)
what: Kim has spent over four decades overthinking absolutely everything and has turned this ability into a superpower for analyzing behavior and communication. With over 20 years of design experience, a PhD in Sociolinguistics, and an accredited diploma in Transformational Coaching, she’s devoted her life to studying what makes people tick.

She’s successfully changed careers several times, gaining experience in corporate, agency, and academic environments in both the US and the UK. Her evolving skillset delves deep into coaching, sociolinguistics, research, design, and development. The core motivation for this work is her desire to gather valuable insights about how people connect with each other and experience the world around them. Exploring language has been her primary focus throughout this work, whether that’s through the lens of visual design, observing behaviour in research, or eliciting stories of lived experience.

Kim began her journey into the underpinnings of language and communication at UC Berkeley, earning an undergraduate degree in linguistics in 2006. She achieved her Masters in linguistics at SFSU in 2010, before making the big leap overseas to complete a PhD in sociolinguistics at University of York in 2015. Her thesis focused on enregisterment and identity in an online community of practice.

Kim’s academic background in sociolinguistics has provided both a strong theoretical and practical basis to fulfil her mission — creating a world full of strategic expert thinkers who are making a huge impact in all that they do. Today, Kim supports people from all over the globe to master their mindset, build their resilience and feel more confident, so that they can create the life they really want and reach their high-impact potential.

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