The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT Linguists in Amsterdam

The 18th Amsterdam Colloquium is being held this week at the University of Amsterdam.

  • Irene Heim is an invited speaker, giving a talk entitled “Interpreting reconstruction in interrogative clauses.”
  • Natasha Ivlieva will speak about “Obligatory implicatures and grammaticality”
  • Wataru Uegaki is presenting his paper “Inquisitive knowledge attribution and the Gettier problem” as part of the Workshop on Inquisitiveness.
  • Yasutada Sudo, Jacopo Romoli, Martin Hackl and Danny Fox are presenting “Variation of Presupposition Projection in Quantified Sentences” in the poster session.

Amsterdamming alums include:

  • Invited speaker Philippe Schlenker, discussing “The Semantics of Pronouns: Insights and Problems from Sign Language”
  • Friederike Moltmann: “Tropes, Intensional Relative Clauses and the Notion of a Variable Object”
  • Marta Abrusan: “Focus, Evidentiality and Soft triggers”