The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT Linguists at the LSA

A healthy contingent of our graduate students (and recently minted PhDs) will be presenting papers at the 2012 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America in Portland, Oregon:

  • Alya Asarina (PhD 2011): “Against the activity condition: An argument from Uyghur
  • Bronwyn Bjorkman (PhD 2011): “Auxiliary verb constructions and the morphosyntax of verbal inflection
  • Peter Graff: “Languages favor perceptible contrasts in distinguishing words: Evidence from minimal pairs
  • Peter Graff, with a large group from Masha Polinsky’s lab at Harvard (including Jessica Coon, PhD 2010): “Processing ergative languages: Methodology and preliminary results
  • Peter Graff, with a million people from the University of Chicago: “Coronal stop deletion on reality TV”
  • Claire Halpert: “Nominals are case-licensed, even in Bantu: Evidence from Zulu
  • Jeremy Hartman: “Experiencer intervention in English
  • Patrick Jones: “Intermediate contour tones derive non-iterative tone shift in Kinande
  • Marie-Christine Meyer, with Evelina Fedorenko and Edward Gibson: “Contrastive topic intonation: An empirical evaluation
  • Jennifer Michaels: “Caught in-between: Neutralizing indistinct surface contrasts
  • Kirill Shklovsky: “A binding account of possessor raising
  • Kirill Shklovsky: “Split infinitives in Tseltal

Other MIT events at the LSA: ACLS New Faculty Fellow Maziar Toosarvandani will also give a talk on ”Temporal interpretation and discourse structure in Northern Paiute”, Ted Gibson and various collaborators will present several papers at the conference, and … Irene Heim will be inducted into the 2012 class of LSA Fellows, as previously announced here!