The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT students, faculty, alums and friends to present at GLOW 2009

The 2009 GLOW conference, to be held in Nantes this year, will feature several talks by MIT students, faculty, recent alums and friends. Jeremy Hartman will be presenting a paper on “The Position and Variety of Traces with respect to MaxElide”. Patrick Grosz will be presenting “Movement and Agreement in Right-Node Raising Constructions”. A joint paper by Luka Crnic, Tue Trinh, and Yasutada Sudo on “Indefiniteness in Vietnamese” is an alternate for the GLOW semantics workshop. Recent alum Shoichi Takahashi (PhD 2006) will also be presenting, as will Elena Anagnostopoulou, who taught at MIT in Spring 2007. And finally…Danny Fox is an invited speaker.

(Pay no attention to the fact that clicking on the website for the conference currently produces an error screen with the message “site désactivé”. We have it on reliable authority that the conference will happen and will be great!)