The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Call for Presentations: ECO5 Syntax Workshop

This year’s ECO5 (East Coast 5) syntax workshop will be held at the University of Maryland on Saturday, April 4th. ECO5 is a yearly event and involves presenters from 5 east coast schools: MIT, Harvard, UMass, UMd, and UConn. It is an informal and friendly graduate student workshop and is a great place to present work and work in progress, get feedback from lots of people, and to get practice presenting.

This year they are looking for three presenters from each of the 5 schools. Titles and abstracts (for the program) will be due March 21st and we hope to have a preliminary list of presenters by March 7th. Abstracts are just for the program. Unless there is a huge amount of interest, you will be accepted to the conference just by sending an email to MIT’s ECO5 liaison, Jessica Coon.

Please let Jessica know if you have any questions and if you are interested in presenting or attending. It’s possible that we will be able to get a carpool together, so if you need or are able to offer a ride, please let her know as well. Also, flights are quite cheap right now (about $120), so that is another option.