The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Issue of Monday, January 5th, 2009

MIT Linguists at the LSA Meeting

MIT will have a strong presence at the upcoming LSA Meeting in San Francisco January 8-11.

Peter Graff is organizing a workshop entitled ‘The Culture-Phonology Interface: Implications of Laboratory Sociophonetics for Phonological Theory’. Edward Flemming will be a discussant. Peter is involved in two of the workshop talks:

Peter Graff (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Benjamin Munson (University of Minnesota): Studying the culture-phonology interface.

Peter Graff (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Kie Zuraw (University of California, Los Angeles), Kuniko Y. Nielsen (University of California, Los Angeles): Investigating preferential imitation.

Giorgio Magri will give a poster on ‘Modeling the order of acquisition of Dutch syllable structures’.

Several recent MIT alumni will be presenting as well:

Andrew Nevins (Harvard University): Contributions of Sign Language morphology to the agreement/cliticization distinction

Ivona Kucerova (University College London): Nulls subjects and the extension requirement

Martin Hackl (Pomona College): Decomposing complex quantifiers: Evidence from verification

Seth Cable (University of Massachusetts): Use of subordinate clauses as matrix utterances in the Pacific Northwest