The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MathMod II/1 this Thursday 5pm, 32-D831

Last year we started a research group studying experimental and quantitative methods in the investigation of linguistic theory. Due to popular demand we will continue our meetings this year.

The format of the group will be similar to Phonology Circle/LF Reading group and other seminars. Participants can propose sessions which should fall roughly into one of three categories:

  1. You have recently run an experiment and would like to discuss ways in which to analyze and/or make sense of your data.
  2. You have a particular project and would like to talk about ways in which to experimentally test your hypotheses.
  3. You stumbled upon a particular experimental or statistical method and would like to learn what it’s all about.

MathMod meets biweekly on Thursdays at 5pm in 32-D831. For details and information, please contact Peter Graff.