The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Phonology Circle 4/28: Chiyuki Ito

Monday, April 28, 5-6pm

Presenter: Chiyuki Ito
Title: “Analogical Changes in the Accent of Sino-Korean Words in Yanbian Korean”

This paper presents the results of the analysis of accent changes in a corpus of c. 8,000 lexical items. The major results include different analogical paths depending on the word classes (native HL -> LH, Sino-Korean LH -> HL), an Island of Reliability effect (Albright 2002) based on coda consonants, a model of accent changes based on weighted constraints employing Jager (to appear)’s Stochastic Gradient Ascent learning algorithm, and notable deviations from the general LH -> HL trend which take into account sonorant vs. obstruent onsets and token frequencies.