The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT @ Amsterdam Colloquium

The 23rd Amsterdam Colloquium took place at the University of Amsterdam on December 19-21. The following MIT grad students presented their work:

  • Ruoan Wang (4th year): Morphological effects on indexical shift in Uyghur
  • Omri Doron (4th year) & Jad Wehbe (3rd year): A constraint on presupposition accommodation
  • Adèle Mortier (4th year), Steven Verheyen, Paul Égré and Benjamin Spector: An experimental investigation of the around/between contrast
  • Lorenzo Pinton (2nd year): Numerous relative clauses: permutation invariance, anti-restrictiveness, triviality
  • Jad Wehbe (3rd year): Revisiting presuppositional accounts of homogeneity

In addition, several recent alumni also gave presentations:

  • Márta Abrusán (PhD 2007): Projection, attention and the meaning of negation (Invited talk)
  • Michela Ippolito (PhD 2002): The Hell with questions 
  • Moshe E. Bar-Lev and Roni Katzir (PhD 2008): Positivity, (anti-)exhaustivity and stability 
  • Yizhen Jiang, Rebecca S. Ren, Yihang Shen, Richard Breheny, Paul Marty (PhD 2017) and Yasutada Sudo (PhD 2012): Plural priming revisited: inverse preference and spillover effects
  • Sonia Ramotowska, Paul Marty (Phd 2017), Jacopo Romoli, Yasutada Sudo (PhD 2012) and Richard Breheny: Diversity with Universality