The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT @ AMP 2022 (10/21-3)!

MIT folks presented at the 2022 Annual Meeting on Phonology (AMP 2022) which happened on October 21-23 at UCLA. Donca gave an invited plenary talk, and students and faculty members gave presentations: 

Current students and faculty:

Donca Steriade (Faculty): Vowel-to-Vowel intervals in quantitative meter (Plenary Talk)

Boer Fu (6th year): The Segment Status of the Mandarin Glide: A Language Game Experiment (poster)

Eunsun Jou (4th year): An economy-based amendment to Robust Interpretive Parsing with the GLA (poster)

Giorgio Magri (Visiting Associate Professor, PhD 2009) and Arto Anttila: Paradoxes of MaxEnt markedness (poster)

Canaan Breiss (Postdoctoral Associate, MIT BCS): Lexical Conservatism as an empirical challenge to obligatory cyclic inheritance (talk)


Ora Matushansky (PhD 2002): Russian transitive softening as ablaut

Bingzi Yu and Youngah Do (PhD 2013): The transmission of vowel (dis)harmony: An iterative learning study

Coppe Van Urk (PhD 2015) and Adam Chong: The roots of non-concatenative morphology in Western Nilotic