The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

LSA ballot open until November 5

The annual ballot of the Linguistic Society of America is now open and members have until November 5, 2022 to cast their votes. There are a series of proposed amendments to the LSA Constitution and Bylaws and the LSA’s website provides some comments from members pro and contra. The ballot also includes the slate of candidates for various positions in the Society:

  • Marlyse Baptista (University of Michigan) for
    Vice-President/President Elect
  • Shelome Gooden (University of Pittsburgh) for Language
  • Four candidates for two at-large seats on the Executive Commitee:
    • Melissa Baese-Berk (University of Oregon)
    • Michel DeGraff (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
    • Sali A. Tagliamonte (University of Toronto)
    • Michal Temkin Martinez (Boise State University)