The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Industry workshop 9/21

Industry workshop external speaker: The industry workshop will have an external speaker each week. Everyone is invited to participate in this part of the workshop, even if they do not remain for the rest of the workshop session. Events will comprise mostly of a Q&A session with both pre-written and live questions, with almost all speakers visiting us remotely.
Who: Dr. David Q. Sun (Siri NL data science manager, virtual talk)
When: Wednesday 9/21 2-2:45
Where: 5-231 or on zoom (contact Hadas Kotek for a link)
What: David is a data science engineering manager on the Siri natural language understanding team. He has a PhD in System Engineering from UPenn. He has collaborated with Hadas on several publications and ongoing projects. He has worked on many NLP applications for Siri, and collaborates frequently with linguists. David will discuss the contributions of linguists to virtual assistants and other tech products, and the kinds of jobs/skills they can contribute to. As a hiring manager, he can also tell us more generally about the process of hiring full time employees and interns, as well as (perhaps) how to navigate the hiring process on a visa.