The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Syntax Square 9/13 - Soo-Hwan Lee (NYU)

Speaker: Soo-Hwan Lee (NYU)
Title: Introducing arguments in and out of the thematic domain: Evidence from Korean case markers
Time: Tuesday, September 13th, 1pm – 2pm

Abstract: Extensive research has focused on how VoiceP (Kratzer 1996), ApplP (Pylkkänen 2008), and i* (Wood & Marantz 2017), an overarching term for Voice and Appl, establish argument structure inside the thematic domain (below TP). A question arises as to whether argument structure can be established outside the thematic domain (above TP). This work provides empirical evidence from Korean in arguing that an argument can be introduced by Voice/Appl (i*) in the left periphery. Specifically, it lends support to the claim that the discourse participant ‘addressee’ is represented in syntax (Hill 2007; Haegeman & Hill 2013; Miyagawa 2017; 2022; Portner et al. 2019 among others). In this regard, this work draws parallels between the thematic domain and the speech act domain, which have been considered to be two separate domains.