The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Welcome to visitor Bruna Pereira!

A big welcome to Bruna Pereira (Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri), who joins us as a visitor this month on her sabbatical!  

Bruna Karla Pereira carried out her Ph.D. (2011) at the Universidade Federal de Minas Gerais (UFMG) with a full year as a visiting graduate student (2010) at the University of Cambridge (UK), under Ian Roberts’ supervision. In addition, she developed her post-doctoral research (2016), as a visiting scholar, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT, USA), under Shigeru Miyagawa’s supervision. In her Ph.D., she was interested in the Minimalist Program, especially in the cartography of syntactic structures and its implications for the analysis of light adverbs, such as ‘lá’ in Brazilian Portuguese (BP). In her postdoc, she investigated universals in nominal agreement that determine the DP-internal distribution of the plural morpheme in order to account for structures of BP with apparent “mismatch” of agreement including possessives, wh-determiners, cardinals, and silent nouns. During her education, she was awarded funding from CNPq, FAPEMIG, and CAPES. Concerning her teaching experience, after having worked at the Universidade Federal de Lavras (2011-2013), with a temporary contract, she is currently a permanent professor at the Universidade Federal dos Vales do Jequitinhonha e Mucuri (2013 onwards) where she has been conducting research on Syntax with emphasis on Generative Grammar. Her CV is available both in Portuguese and English, respectively, at the following links: http://lattes.cnpq.br/2671430917722911 and https://orcid.org/0000-0002-4958-8621.