The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT @ LSA 2022

MIT Linguistics was well represented at the 2022 Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. Several of our current students, faculty, and visitors gave presentations:

  • Danfeng Wu (6th year) and Boer Fu (5th year): Prosodic evidence for syntax in biased questions in Mandarin
  • Boer Fu (5th year) and Danfeng Wu (6th year): Numeral Allomorphy of ‘One’ and ‘Two’ in Mandarin Chinese
  • Danfeng Wu (6th year): Bipartite syntax of negation in corrective “but” sentences
  • Boer Fu (5th year): Prenuclear Glide in Mandarin Chinese: Is It a Segment?
  • Fulang Chen (5th year): Can noun modifiers be stranded or extracted in Mandarin?
  • Yash Sinha (3rd year): The Structure of Hindi indirect causatives: Evidence from apparent *ABA violation
  • Patrick Elliott (postdoctoral associate): A scopal theory of pied-piping in relative clauses
  • Yourdanis Sedarous (visiting student; University of Michigan) and Marlyse Baptista (University of Michigan): Optimization of Shared Structures in Egyptian Arabic-English Bilinguals: A View From Language Contact
  • Annie Birkeland (University of Michigan), Adeli Block (University of Michigan), Justin Craft (University of Michigan), Yourdanis Sedarous (visiting student; University of Michigan), Wang Sky (University of Michigan), Gou Wu (University of Michigan), and Savithry Namboodiripad (University of Michigan): Problematizing the “native speaker” in Linguistic Research: History of the term and ways forward
  • Robert Frank (Yale) and Hadas Kotek (PhD 2014; research affiliate): Top-down derivations: Flipping syntax on its head
  • Itamar Kastner (University of Edinburgh), Hadas Kotek (PhD 2014; research affiliate), Anonymous, Rikker Dockum (Swarthmore College), Michael Dow (Université de Montréal), Maria Esipova (University of Oslo), Caitlin M. Green (None), and Todd Snider (Heinrich-Heine University Düsseldorf): The Open Letter: Responses and Recommendations

Professor Michel DeGraff delivered a plenary talk:

  • Michel DeGraff (faculty): On impure linguistics for self-purification and direct action

And several alums also presented in the conference:

  • Kimiko Nakanishi (Ochanomizu University) and Ken Hiraiwa (PhD 2005; Meiji Gakuin University): Indeterminates in Comparatives as Free Choice Items
  • Ken Hiraiwa (PhD 2005; Meiji Gakuin University) and George Akanlig-Pare (University of Ghana): Syntax of Reduplication and Negative-Polarity Items in Buli
  • Ken Hiraiwa (PhD 2005; Meiji Gakuin University): Animacy Hierarchy and Case/Agreement in Okinawan
  • Sam Zukoff (PhD 2017; University of Leipzig): Less is Moro: Streamlining Jenks & Rose (2015)
  • Elsi Kaiser (University of Southern California), Ramida Phoolsombat (University of Southern California), Pritty Patel-Grosz (PhD 2012; University of Oslo), and Patrick Georg Grosz (PhD 2011; University of Oslo): Resolving ambiguity in speaker- and hearer-oriented body part emoji: Reference resolution beyond pronouns
  • Yu’an Yang (University of Maryland), Daniel Goodhue (University of Maryland), Valentine Hacquard (PhD 2006; University of Maryland), and Jeffrey Lidz (University of Maryland): Are you asking me or telling me? Learning to identify questions in early speech to children
  • Suzana Fong (PhD 2021): Nominal licensing via dependent case: the view from Pseudo Noun Incorporation in Wolof