The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT Linguistics @ NELS 52

NELS 52 was held virtually at Rutgers University. The following students, faculty, and staff members presented at the conference.

  • Trevor Driscoll (2nd year): Voicing as a diagnostic of foot structure
  • Fulang Chen (5th year): On split partitivity, external possession, and the phasehood of Mandarin DP
  • Danfeng Wu (6th year): Syntax of negation in corrective “but” sentences
  • Ido Benbaji (3rd year): A new argument against Verb-Stranding VP-Ellipsis: The case from focus particles in polar questions
  • Dmitry Privoznov (postdoc, PhD 2021): A Spell Out theory of adjunct islands
  • Patrick Elliott (postdoc): A Q-based theory of pied-piping in relative clauses
  • Sherry Yong Chen (5th year), Cindy Torma (Lab Manager), and Athulya Aravind (professor, PhD 2018): Asymmetry in Presupposition Projection in If-Conditionals: Evidence from Acquisition
  • Jad Wehbe (3rd year) and Enrico Flor (4th year): Focus sensitivity and homogeneity in attitude predicates

Many of our alums also gave presentations:

  • Richard Stockwell, Aya Meltzer-Asscher, and Dominique Sportiche (PhD 1983): Experimental evidence for the Condition C argument-adjunct asymmetry in English questions
  • Colin Davis (PhD 2020): The Morpho-Syntactic Significance of the Unextractability of English Possessive Pronouns
  • Coppe Van Urk (PhD 2015) and Zhouyi Sun: Dinka plural morphology is concatenative and regular
  • Aron Hirsch (PhD 2017) and Bernhard Schwarz: Reconciling maximality with cumulativity in questions
  • Wataru Uegaki (PhD 2015): Doubt, highlighting and exhaustification
  • Karlos Arregi (PhD 2002) and Emily Hanink: Reverse Weak PCC in Washo
  • Suzana Fong (PhD 2021): Nominal licensing via dependent case: the view from Pseudo Noun Incorporation in Wolof
  • Deniz Satik and Susanne Wurmbrand (PhD 1998): The unavailability of temporal de re in English infinitives
  • Stefan Keine, Will Oxford, and Jessica Coon (PhD 2010): Person restrictions depend on overt agreement, not nominal licensing
  • Bridget Copley (PhD 2002) and Alda Mari: Ingredients for a causal analysis of order and forbid
  • Idan Landau (PhD 1999): Argument Ellipsis as pro-replacement after TRANSFER
  • Isabelle Charnavel and Dominique Sportiche (PhD 1983): Unifying intensifiers ourselves

And one alum gave an invited talk:

  • Lisa Cheng (PhD 1991): All about “hit”