The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Tech industry workshop 10/20 — guest speaker David Q. Sun

Summary: tech industry workshop guest presentation — an NL engineering manager’s perspective
What: A short presentation on how voice assistants / Natural Language Understanding systems work and where different roles are in an organization, and an open Q&A session
When: Wednesday 10/20, 2-3:30pm EST
Where: Zoom (event will be virtual; contact Hadas Kotek for details) + 32-D769
Who: Dr. David Sun is an engineering manager in the Siri Natural Language team of the AI/ML organization at Apple. His work leverages data science and machine learning to support research, development, and implementation of models for natural language processing to extend Siri’s understanding and functionality. Prior to Apple, he worked as a consultant in the San Francisco office of the Monitor Government Venture Services (“Monitor 360”), the former political consulting practice of the Monitor Group, specializing in “narrative analysis & influencing”.
David received his Ph.D. in Systems Engineering from Penn, advised by Prof. Barry Silverman. His research interests include Network Science, Decision Theory, and the Agent-Based Simulation & Modeling approach in understanding the dynamics of coalitions in regions of conflict around the world.