The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Syntax Square 10/12 - Stan Zompì (MIT)

Speaker: Stan Zompì (MIT)
Title: A principled exception to the Müller-Takano Generalization
Time: Tuesday, October 12th, 1pm – 2pmLocation: 32-D461 (with MIT COVID Pass or Tim Ticket, plus contact tracing information)

Abstract: According to the Müller-Takano Generalization (Müller 1993; Takano 1994), a remnant that contains a trace resulting from movement of a given type cannot itself undergo movement of the same type. In this talk, I argue that Richards’ (2004) data from Bulgarian “Russian-doll” wh-questions constitute a principled exception to the generalization under a version of Kitahara’s (1994) minimality-based approach to it.