The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Hadas Kotek: Workshop on internships in industry

Hadas Kotek, MIT alumna, is hosting a workshop, which discusses applying for internships in industry and putting together a resume for such applications. Here are the details for the second session: 
When: Wednesday 9/22, 2-3:30pm EST
Where: https://mit.zoom.us/my/hkotek
Who: students, visitors, and faculty members who are curious about tech internships/jobs
What: resumes, interviews, other ways students can develop skills for non-academic positions beside internships
For those who will attend Session 2, there is a bit of simple “homework” (see also slide 21 of the deck). It would be helpful, though not required, for you to take a look:
  • On LinkedIn, identify some linguists in tech in jobs that might appeal to you (see slides 5, 7 for ideas)
  • Look at their resumes. What do they highlight? How do they talk about their background?
  • Bonus: ideally, find people with similar backgrounds and level of technical expertise to you own