The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT @ LSA 2021

MIT Linguistics was well represented at the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting of the Linguistic Society of America. Many of our current students, faculty, and visitors gave presentations – some as collaboration with alums.

  • Danfeng Wu (5th year): Evasion strategies save apparent island violations in stripping
  • Tanya Bondarenko (4th year), Colin Davis (PhD 2020): What cross-clausal scrambling in Balkar reveals about phase edges
  • Daniel Asherov (4th year), Danny Fox (faculty), Roni Katzir (PhD 2008): On the Irrelevance of contextually given states for the computation of Scalar Implicatures
  • Rafael Abramovitz (6th year): Deconstructing Inverse Case Attraction
  • Tanya Bondarenko (4th year): Inverse in Passamaquoddy as the spell-out of Feature Gluttony
  • Neil Banerjee (5th year): Two ways to form a portmanteau: Evidence from ellipsis
  • Daniel Goodhue (University of Maryland), Jad Wehbe (1st year), Valentine Hacquard (PhD 2006; University of Maryland), Jeffrey Lidz (University of Maryland): That’s a question? Preschoolers’ comprehension illocutionary force, clause type and intonation
  • Suzanne Flynn (faculty), Barbara Lust (visiting professor; Cornell University), Janet Sherman (Harvard University), Charles R. Henderson (Cornell University): Binding and Coreference Dissociate in Mild Cognitive Impairment 
  • Colin Davis (PhD 2020), Patrick Elliott (postdoctoral associate): Radical successive cyclicity and the freedom of parasitic gaps


Our alums also presented in the conference:

  • Colin Davis (PhD 2020; University of Southern California): On parasitic gaps in relative clauses and extraction from NP
  • Kenyon Branan (PhD 2018; National University of Singapore), Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (PhD 2014; National University of Singapore): Binding reconstruction and the types of traces
  • Sam Zukoff (PhD 2017; University of Leipzig): Deriving Arabic Verbal “Templates” without Templates
  • Joey Lim (National University of Singapore), Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (PhD 2014; National University of Singapore): Word order and disambiguation in Pangasinan
  • Elsi Kaiser (University of Southern California), Patrick Georg Grosz (PhD 2011; University of Oslo): Anaphoricity in emoji: An experimental investigation of face and non-face emoji
  • Jeong Hwa Cho (University of Michigan), Ezra Keshet (PhD 2008; University of Michigan): Actuality and Counterfactual Implicatures in Korean Possibility and Necessity Modals
  • Tzu-Hsuan Yang (University of Kansas), Yueh-chin Chang (National Tsing Hua University), Feng-fan Hsieh (PhD 2007; National Tsing Hua University): Perceptually inconspicuous yet articulatorily distinct merger: A case study of Taiwanese Mandarin coda nasals
  • Ken Hiraiwa (PhD 2005; Meiji Gakuin University): Sluicing cannot Apply In-Situ in Japanese
  • Suyeon Im (Hanyang University), Jennifer Cole (PhD 1987; Northwestern University): Discourse meaning in perception and production of prosodic prominence
  • ​​Deepak Alok (Rutgers University), Mark Baker (PhD 1985; Rutgers University): Person and Honorification: Features and Interactions in Magahi (talk presented during the symposium on the features of allocutivity, honorifics and social relation)