The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT @ Sinn und Bedeutung 2020

The 25th annual meeting of Sinn und Bedeutung was co-hosted virtually by University College London (UCL) and Queen Mary University of London (QMUL), from September 1st to 9th. Several MIT students and alumni presented their work.

Main session

  • Dmitry Privoznov (6th year), “Structural conditions on discourse anaphora”, abstract, project page

  • Frank Staniszewski (5th year), “A variable force analysis of positive polarity neg-raising modals”, abstract, project page
  • Omri Doron (2nd year), Ido Benbaji (2nd year) & Ruoan Wang (2nd year), “Reduplication in Hebrew as a Diagnostic for Antonym Decomposition”, abstract, project page

  • Daniel Goodhue (University of Maryland), Jad Wehbe (1st year), Valentine Hacquard (PhD 2006) & Jeffrey Lidz (University of Maryland), “The effect of intonation on the illocutionary force of declaratives in child comprehension”, abstract, project page

  • Michael Yoshitaka Erlewine (PhD 2014), “Universal free choice from concessive conditionals”, abstract, project page

  • Luka Crnič (PhD 2011), “Free choice, plurality, and variation”, abstract, project page

  • Patrick G. Grosz (PhD 2011), Elsi Kaiser (USC) & Francesco Pierini (ENS), “Discourse anaphoricity and first-person indexicality in emoji resolution”, abstract, project page

  • Natasha Korotkova (Konstanz) & Pranav Anand (PhD 2006), “Find, must, and conflicting evidence”, abstract, project page

  • Fabienne Martin (HU Berlin), Hongyuan Sun (U. Picardie Jules Verne), Hamida Demirdache (PhD 1991) & Jinhong Liu (Guangzhou College of South China University of Technology), “Why can one kill Rasputin twice in Mandarin?”, abstract, project page

Special session 1: Gestures and Natural Language Semantics: Investigations at the Interface

  • Naomi Francis (PhD 2019), “Objecting to discourse moves with gestures”, abstract, project page

Special session 2: The Semantics of Understudied Languages and Semantic Fieldwork

  • Ishani Guha (PhD 2018), “Dependent numerals in Bengali: a case for covert adverbial D-operators”, abstract, project page
  • Lisa Bylinina (Leiden University), Natalia Ivlieva (PhD 2013) & Alexander Podobryaev (PhD 2014), “Balkar particle ‘da’ and domain maximality”, abstract, project page