The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT @ LSA2020

The Linguistic Society of America’s Annual Meeting for 2020 was held at in New Orleans in January. As per usual, MIT was well represented. The following department members presented talks and posters:


Students/faculty who gave a talk:

  • Danfeng Wu (4th year): ‘Whether’ can pied-pipe
  • Christopher Baron (4th year): States in the semantics of degree achievements
  • Tamisha Lauren Tan (Harvard) & Peter Grishin (2nd year): Three Types of (Mis)matching in Free Relatives
  • Yadav Gowda (4th year) & Danfeng Wu (4th year): Clitic climbing and linear adjacency in Wolof
  • Canaan Breiss (UCLS) & Adam Albright (MIT faculty): When is a gang effect more than the sum of its parts?
  • Neil Banerjee (4th year): Ellipsis as Obliteration: Evidence from Bengali negative allomorphy
  • Jennifer Hu (MIT BCS), Sherry Yong Chen (3rd year), and Roger Levy (MIT BCS). A closer look at the performance of neural language models on reflexive anaphor licensing. (Sister conference the Society for Computation in Linguistics (SCiL))


Students who presented a poster:

  • Rafael Abramovitz (5th year) & Itai Bassi (5th year): Relativized Anaphor Agreement Effect
  • Christos Christopoulos (University of Connecticut) & Stanislao Zompi’ (3rd year): Weakening Case Containment: an argument from default allomorphs
  • Justin Colley (5th year) & Itai Bassi (5th year): Don’t leave me behind, I lean on you! A condition on ellipsis, and a case for Conjunction Reduction
  • Suzana Fong (5th year): The syntax of number marking: the view from bare nouns in Wolof
  • Tatiana Bondarenko (3rd year) & Stanislao Zompì (3rd year): Leftover Agreement across Kartvelian languages
  • Elise Newman (4th year): The future perfect since Stump
  • Filipe Hisao de Salles Kobayashi (3rd year): Reciprocity can be compositionally built: Scattered Reciprocals in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Fulang Chen (3rd year): Split partitivity in Mandarin: A diagnostic for argument-gap dependencies
  • Colin Davis (5th year) & Andrei Antonenko (Stony Brook University): Order Preservation in the Russian Nominal Phrase
  • Colin Davis (5th year) & Tatiana Bondarenko (3rd year): A Linearization Explanation for Asymmetries in Russian Scrambling
  • Colin Davis (5th year) & Justin Colley (5th year): On the near absence of subject HNPS


Alumna Jessie Little Doe Baird (PhD 2000; Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project) gave an invited plenary address: “The Wôpanâak Language Reclamation Project: Nine Years On from We Still Live Here: Âs Nutayuneân”


In addition, many recent alumni also presented their work:

Kenyon Branan, PhD 2018
Michelle Yuan, PhD 2018
Michael Erlewine, PhD 2014
Hadas Kotek, PhD 2014
Young Ah Do, PhD 2013
Ken Hiraiwa, PhD 2005
Karlos Arregi, PhD 2002
Benjamin Bruening, PhD 2001
Jon Nissenbaum, PhD 2000
Susanne Wurmbrand, PhD 1998
Jonathan Bobaljik, PhD 1995
Heidi Harley, PhD 1995