The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Mini Course: Yasutada Sudo (UCL)

We are happy to announce that Yasutada Sudo will be visiting the department this week and will teach two mini-courses (details below).
Speaker: Yasutada Sudo (UCL)
Title: (Non-eliminative) Dynamic Semantics
Time: Wednesday 1:00-2:30, Thursday 12:30-2
Location: 32-D461
Abstract: My mini-course will be about (Non-eliminative) Dynamic Semantics. No prior familiarity with dynamic semantics is required (for those who are enrolled in Patrick & Roger’s Pragmatics, there will be some redundant content). I will focus on two topics:

– Lecture 1: Redundancy in Pragmatics.
A basic dynamic semantic system will be introduced as a formulation of Stalnakerian Pragmatics. We will discuss Mayr & Romoli’s (2016) Disjunction Problem, and a solution to it that makes use of non-eliminativity.
– Lecture 2: Discourse Referents.
We will enrich the dynamic semantics with ‘discourse referents’ so as to account for anaphora. We will discuss issues about plurality, especially so-called ‘quantificational subordination’.