The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

WAFL14 @ MIT and MIT @ WAFL14

MIT was the very proud host of the 14th Workshop of Altaic Formal Linguistics, which took place from Friday October 19th to Sunday 21st. This year’s edition celebrated the career of Prof. Shigeru Miyagawa, co-founder of WAFL (with Jaklin Kornflit). In his honour, a workshop was held on the day before the conference, featuring talks by friends, estimated colleagues, and former students.

MIT presenters at WAFL:

  • Dmitry Privoznov (4th year), Causality of passives and paradigmatic gaps
  • Colin Davis (4th year), Crossing and Stranding at vP in Altaic and beyond
  • Tatiana Bondarenko (2nd year), Combining CPs by Restrict: evidence from Buryat
  • Ömer Demirok (5th year) & Despina Oikonomou (alumna), Difficult Imperatives in Turkish

One of our recent alumni, İsa Kerem Bayırlı, was an invited speaker. He gave a talk on Concord in Altaic languages. Suyeon Yun, another alumna, was presenting.

Prof. Miyagawa’s speech at the dinner organized in his honour

Tanya Bondarenko presenting her poster

Musicians at the WAFL dinner: (left to right) Mongolian singer, Japanese shamisen player, traditional Turkish music band