The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT at NELS 2018

This year, NELS took place at Cornell University, from October 5th to 7th. MIT was well represented with talks and posters by currents students and faculty:

  • Danfeng Wu (3rd year), A copy-based approach to either in either … or … sentences
  • Frank Staniszewski (3rd year), Wanting, acquiescing and neg-raising
  • Carolyn Spadine (5th year), Control in illocutionary adjuncts as a diagnostic for discourse arguments
  • Luis Alonso-Ovalle and Vincent Rouillard (2nd year), Number inflection, Spanish bare interrogatives and higher-order quantification
  • Norvin Richards (faculty), Detecting contiguity-prominence
  • Maša Močnik (4th year), Existential belief and embedded epistemic modals
  • Suzana Fong (4th year), Spec-CP as an A-position: an argument from Mongolian
  • Naomi Francis (5th year), Imperatives under even
  • Ömer Demirok (5th year), Deniz Ozyildiz and Balkiz Ozturk, Complementizers in Laz are attitude-sensitive
  • Colin Davis (4th year), Possessor extraction in English
  • Keny Chatain (3rd year), Wide-scope distributivity
  • Tanya Bondarenko (2nd year) and Colin Davis (4th year), Parasitic gaps diagnose concealed pied-piping in Russian
  • Itai Bassi (4th year), Fake Indexicals are not so fake: on the grammar of variable binding
  • Rafael Abramovitz (4th year), Successive-cyclic wh-movement feeds dependent case competition

Recent and less recent alums were also presenting papers and posters: Michelle Yuan (UChicago), Ezer Rasin (Leipzig University), Benjamin Bruening (University of Delaware), Julie Legate (UPenn), Karlos Arregi (UChicago), Hadas Kotek (Yale).

MIT participants couldn’t be taken a proper picture of (credit: Rajesh Bhatt)