The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Summer defenses

Our happiest congratulations to this summer’s impressive group of doctoral dissertators! The department celebrated the excellent defenses with champagne and some doctoral level baking, including cat-themed cake decorations and vegan Oreo-cheesecake.

  • Athulya AravindPresuppositions in Context
  • Kenyon BrananRelationship Preservation
  • Tingchun (TC) Chen – Multiple Case Assignment: An Amis Case Study
  • Michelle Fullwood Biases in Segmenting Non-concatenative Morphology
  • Ishani Guha – Distributivity across domains: A study of the distributive numerals in Bangla
  • Sophie Moracchini – Morphosemantics of degree constructions and the grammar of evaluativity
  • Takashi Morita – Unsupervised Learning of Lexical Subclasses from Phonotactics
  • Ezer RasinModular interactions in phonology
  • Milena Sisovics – Embedded Jussives as Instances of Control: The Case of Mongolian and Korean
  • Michelle YuanDimensions of Ergativity in Inuit: Theory and Microvariation