The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

LFRG 10/5 - Itai Bassi

Speaker: Itai Bassi (MIT)
Time: Wednesday, October 5 , 1-2pm
Place: 32-D831
Title: Discussion of: Ellipsis, Economy and the (Non)uniformity of Traces (LI, 2016)

Itai will be presenting a recent paper by Troy Messick and Gary Thoms Ellipsis, Economy and the (Non)uniformity of Traces (LI, 2016), which argues for the elimination of the constraint MaxElide from the theory of ellipsis.

Also, the LFRG slot next week (Oct 12) is free for the taking. If you have anything you’d like to present, please tell Daniel Margulis or Itai Bassi soon!