The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

MIT bound for Kentucky at next year’s LSA Institute

Book your seats now for the 2017 Linguistic Institute of the LSA! Among the many great courses just announced by the organizing team at the University of Kentucky are these classes by recent alumni and faculty:

  • Claire Halpert (PhD 2012) “Clausal Arguments in Bantu and Beyond”
  • Giorgio Magri (PhD 2009) “Computational Phonology”
  • Coppe van Urk (PhD 2015) “Movement in Minimalism”
  • Igor Yanovich (PhD 2013) “Statistical Inference for the Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Past: Linguistic Phylogenetics and Spatial Statistics”

… plus classes by some not-so-recent alumni too, including Mark Aronoff and John Goldsmith, and lots of other friends and colleagues from around the globe. A real must-go-to!

P.S. Michel DeGraff is also giving one of the Institute’s three Forum Lectures!