The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Issue of Monday, July 25th, 2016

MIT bound for Kentucky at next year’s LSA Institute

Book your seats now for the 2017 Linguistic Institute of the LSA! Among the many great courses just announced by the organizing team at the University of Kentucky are these classes by recent alumni and faculty:

  • Claire Halpert (PhD 2012) “Clausal Arguments in Bantu and Beyond”
  • Giorgio Magri (PhD 2009) “Computational Phonology”
  • Coppe van Urk (PhD 2015) “Movement in Minimalism”
  • Igor Yanovich (PhD 2013) “Statistical Inference for the Linguistic and Non-Linguistic Past: Linguistic Phylogenetics and Spatial Statistics”

… plus classes by some not-so-recent alumni too, including Mark Aronoff and John Goldsmith, and lots of other friends and colleagues from around the globe. A real must-go-to!

P.S. Michel DeGraff is also giving one of the Institute’s three Forum Lectures!

MIT at the Manchester Phonology Meeting

Three MIT students participated in the 24th Manchester Phonology Meeting (mfm 24) this year:

  • Juliet Stanton & Sam Zukoff. Prosodic misapplication in copy epenthesis and reduplication.
  • Sophie Moracchini. Backward languages: the case of French Verlan in OT
  • Juliet Stanton. Trigger deletion in Gurindji.

Adam Albright was an invited discussant.

You can find the full programme here and the abstracts booklet here.

MIT Linguists teaching abroad

Sabine Iatridou taught at the New York Institute (organized by Prof. John Bailyn of Stony Brook University - hence the “New York” part) in St. Petersburg. David Pesetsky taught a one-week class on Clause Size (and the theory of “Exfoliation”) at a summer school hosted by the Universidade Nova de Lisboa. Donca Steriade spent July as the Karl-Brugmann-Fellow in Leipzig, Germany, and taught a course on “Cyclicity, Correspondence, Exponence: a unified analysis of cyclic and related phenomena”. Who was Karl Brugmann: more at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Karl_Brugmann.

Norvin Richard’s “Contiguity Theory” published

Our colleague Norvin Richard’s (extraordinarily interesting and far-reaching) new monograph “Contiguity Theory” has just been published by MIT Press!!

Summer congratulations

Congratulations to all our graduating senior majors and minors — Morris Alper, Jessica Kenney, Alyssa Napier, Raúl Rojas, and Elise Newman (as well as unofficial linguistics semi-majors/minors Yihui Quek and Emily Kellison-Linn)!

Congratulations to Gretchen Kern and Coppe van Urk, who are now very officially PhDs!

Maria Giavazzi accepts Maître de Conferences position at the ENS in Paris

Fantastic news from our alum Maria Giavazzi (PhD 2010), who has accepted a permanent Maître de Conferences (≅ Associate Professor) position in linguistics and neuropsychology of language at the Department of Cognitive Studies of the École Normale Supérieure in Paris! Congratulations, Maria!!