The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Fieldwork Meeting 3/16 - Norvin Richards

Speaker: Norvin Richards (MIT)
Title: Fieldwork Methodology and More
Date: Wednesday, March 16th
Time: 5-6pm (UPDATED – one hour later than originally announced)
Place: 7th floor seminar room

Norvin will be talking to us about a few fieldwork-related issues (elicitation preparation, types of judgment, etc.)

A few topics that he might cover are:

(i) judgment types (grammaticality, felicity, etc.), judgment scale (good/?/*, numeric, etc.), ways to elicit judgments

(ii) elicitation prep: questionnaires with randomized items, grouping questions that target the same phenomenon together (not randomized), etc.

(iii) ways to elicit specific constructions, diagnostics to detect certain phenomenon

(iv) how to recruit speakers: any criteria for selecting speakers to work with when one just starts on a language (gender, education background, occupation, etc.).

(v) his fieldwork in Australia