The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Summer defenses

Congratulations to this summer’s doctoral dissertators!

  • Isaac Gould: Syntactic Learning from Ambiguous Evidence: Errors and End-States
  • Gretchen Kern: Rhyming Grammars and Celtic Phonology
  • Ted Levin: Licensing without Case
  • Wataru Uegaki: Interpreting questions under attitudes
  • Coppe van Urk: A uniform syntax for phrasal movement: a Dinka Bor case study

In the coming year, Isaac will be a visiting assistant professor at Kansas University, Gretchen will work as a linguist for a tech company in NYC, Ted will be a post-doc at Maryland, Wataru is a post-doc at the ENS in Paris, and Coppe will be a Lecturer (= an Assistant Professor) at Queen Mary University of London.