The Weekly Newsletter of MIT Linguistics

Issue of Monday, September 10th, 2012

Phonology Circle Organizational Meeting 9/10

Date/Time: Monday, September 10, 5 pm
Location: 32-D831

The Phonology Circle will return to its traditional meeting time of 5-7 pm on Mondays this semester in 32-D831.

We will hold a brief organizational meeting next Monday Sept. 10 at 5 to plan the semester’s schedule. If you cannot attend but would like to reserve a date, please email Michael Kenstowicz.

No Syntax Square This Week

Syntax Square, the informal discussion group for syntax, will be held Tuesdays at 1-2p in 32-D461. The organizers this term are TC Chen and Junya Nomura. Please send them an e-mail if you have ongoing or completed syntactic work that you would like to present or if there is a recent article or book you would like to discuss. Keep in mind that Syntax Square is there for work in various states of disarray. Feel free to use it to present an interesting problem or a theory you are developing.

LFRG Organizational Meeting 9/13

Date/Time: Thursday September 13, 9.30-11 am
Location: 32-D831

The agenda for this meeting includes catching up regarding what everyone did during the summer, claiming slots for later in the semester, etc. Thursday 9.30-11 am is projected to be the regular LFRG timeslot for the rest of the semester. Please write to Mia Nussbaum or Igor Yanovich if you plan on attending but cannot make the timeslot.

ESSL meeting 9/13 - Martin Hackl

Speaker: Martin Hackl
Date/Time: Thursday 9/13, 5:30pm (Note the new time)
Location: 32-D831

Martin will present some of his work on ACD and “the same.” A relevant paper will be sent out to the lab mailing list in preparation for the meeting. Please contact Hadas Kotek if you would like to be added to the mailing list.

Dissertations! Dissertations! Dissertations!

This summer saw seven great dissertations written, defended, and filed (generally in that order). Congratulations to our (very-soon-to-be) PhDs!!

Peter Graff: Communicative Efficiency in the Lexicon

Claire Halpert: Argument licensing and agreement in Zulu

Jeremy Hartman: Varieties of Clausal Complementation

Pritty Patel-Grosz: (Anti-)Locality at the Interfaces

Kirill Shklovsky: Tseltal Clause Structure

Yasutada Sudo: On the Semantics of Phi Features on Pronouns”

Guillaume Thomas: Temporal Implications